The BPAC Needs Your Support

There is nothing more satisfying than bringing people together for an evening of joy, inspiration, and laughter. Individuals, groups and communities benefit from the performing arts. After three successful seasons, the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center is ready to begin its fourth year with high expectations. Like others, we are concerned about the economy and its impact on the BPAC. But one thing we know for sure, is that Blackfoot’s support of the arts is strong. We are committed to maintaining a calendar of superb concerts. Please join us for the 2010-2011 season, as we embark on another great year of entertainment.

How Can I Help Support the BPAC?

· Come to our events! Consider bringing a friend. Most guests enjoy themselves and return for future events.
· Tell others about the concerts. Some members of our community haven’t heard about BPAC events. Spread the word!
· Become a “Friend of BPAC.” Volunteers are needed for every event. We can use your help in many ways.
· Donate. Donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. Donors contributing $500 or more receive free tickets.
· Sponsor or underwrite a concert. Enjoy free advertising and complimentary tickets for your business or family as you sponsor an event. Sponsors can pay for a portion or the entire cost of a concert.

To be involved at the BPAC please see Susan Mann.
Call the BPAC at 208-317-5508, or email Susan Mann at

Financial Donations

Sponsor a Concert

Sponsors can pay for a portion or an entire concert. Joint sponsorships are available with other businesses or individuals.

Donate to the BPAC

Donors can donate money or needed items to buy needed equipment and help meet other needs of the facility.

Underwrite a Concert

Underwriters agree to pay any financial losses we anticipate we will have when bringing a group to the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center.


The Blackfoot Performing Arts Center offers opportunities for patrons and friends to get involved. “Friends of BPAC” assist at concerts in many needed capacities. Each event at the BPAC relies on a committee of volunteers whose creative energy and enthusiasm creates show-stopping events year after year. For their dedicated service, each “Friend” receives a free ticket to the show they are helping.

We are always looking for more help and would appreciate your willingness to promote the BPAC. Join us… your involvement is the key to our success. If you would like to help, please contact us at 317-5508.

Friends of BPAC

Della Bernstrom
Cloris Brown
Marty Caldwell
Ronda & Amanda Cheatham
Karen Clark
Alfredo Cruz
Cathie & Scott Fields
Kathleen Hall
Tom & Garnalee Harrington
Ellen Hughes
Louise Johnston
Dean & Vickie Jones
Richard & Janice Lawes
Ann Lim
Angela Mann
Max & Mary Martin
Ron & Leora Melton
Nancy Merrick
Amy & Glen Pierpoint
Allyson Porter
Robert Sellers
Betty Steffensen
Peggy Wareing

2017-2018 Donors

Businesses and Organizations

Bingham Memorial Hospital
Blackfoot School District #55
Music & Families
The Morning News

Gold Club Partners

Rick & Jill Bigler
Dr. David & Sharon Case
Lee & Sonja Durney
Dean & Karlene Earley
Chad & Audrey Eberhard
Roxie Gardels
Bonnie Gardner
Sherrie Henman
Kelly & Denise Hurst
Louise Johnston
Dean & Vickie Jones
Richard & Janice Lawes
Madge Little Memorial
Dr. Matthew & Lauren Murdoch
Dr. Leon & Margaret Peterson
Howard & Randi Phillips
Charlotte Pounds
Kevin & Jana Rupe
Dr. Gary & Amy Soucie
Patricia Yamashita

Silver Club Partners
(up to $299)

Holly Armstrong
Donna Barnard
Ken & Margaret Barr
Mary Ellen Braithwaite
Lola Rae Brower
Laddie Curran
Tom & Garnalee Harrington
Mark & Holly Kartchner
Danny & Susan Mann
Ann Marie Murdock
Mike & Anne Patten
Richard & Beverly Salisbury
Dr. Gordon & Betty Simpson
Bill Von der Leith
Dewane & Melany Wren

Previous Donors by Year