About the Facility

Stage/Proscenium Dimensions:
Stage: 100’ X 40’ Proscenium: 50’ X 22’

Flexible Stage Walls

Grid Height 48’

Fully Recessed Orchestra Pit

Fully Recessed Orchestra Pit

150 stage lights, 2 spotlights, 5 overhead electrics, fully automated computer lighting controls

22 channel FOH, 16 channel stage monitor

Sound/Light Equipment:
Space is available in a central location of the seating for artists and groups that provide their own sound mixer. Two large spotlights flank the stage.

Throw distance from screen to projector in the sound booth: 103ft.
Width of the screen: 20ft, distance from screen to front row: 21ft.

Loading Dock:
Loads directly onto the stage at ground height from a street entrance, 12×12 roll-up door.

Strong natural light, comfortable seating, entrances from outside of building and main building hallway.


A broad vomitorium connects to outer aisles of the performance hall seating.
Dressing Rooms:
26’ X 12’ large room with divider in middle if needed; sink, shower and toilet for each gender; within 50’ of stage.
Other Pertinent Information:
Blackfoot is centered within 50 miles of a 100,000 person populated area. It is located 160 miles north of Salt Lake City and 260 miles southeast of Boise.