The Blackfoot Performing Arts Center was built in 2004 and is operated under the auspices of the Blackfoot School District. It is a tax-exempt entity. During the election campaign in 2000 for the $7.5 million bond to build the performing arts center, many civic groups, alumni, students, employees, friends and others gave to the fund to see a performing arts center built in Blackfoot. This increased awareness helped the public understand the value of these facilities. Voters approved the proposal by 70 percent. This allowed the Blackfoot School District to build a performing arts center on the Blackfoot High School campus.

The theater seats 1,223 and is a state of the art facility. It boasts a full fly system, professional size stage, full acoustic sound shell, orchestra pit, and full theater lighting and technical abilities.

During December, April and May, the facility sees particularly heavy use when many schools have set programs, graduations, concerts, etc. Besides school events, the BPAC is heavily used for community events. It hosts school, community and professional concerts that outreach to surrounding communities. The BPAC Concert Series continues year by year with very successful support from all of southeastern Idaho. The Blackfoot Performing Arts Center has become a great source of pride to the city of Blackfoot.

Please enjoy a slideshow of the construction of the BPAC

Building Team

Chris Abend
Chris Cannon
Janet Crook
John Dixson
Doug & Jan Eddington
Bonnie Gardner
Chris Gardner
Keith & GayNell Hinkley
Bill Hudson
Jake Jacobson
Leah Jones
Paul Jordon
Mary Jo Marlow
Susie Matsuura
Bud & Minnie Miller
Janet & Lloyd Rockwood
Ray & Fern Rockwood
Rex Rovig
Lona Mae Sorensen
Wade Virgin
Mike Torgerson
Rich Woodfin
Ron Thompson