Dry Bar Comedy Tour

Bring the whole family for a night of clean comedy featuring three terrific comedians!

September 23

Tickets - $20

Doors Open at 6pm
Show starts at 7pm

Andy Gold

Andy Gold combines inspiration with comedy as he shares about drug recovery, run-ins with life coaches, and misconceptions of Utahns.

Alaina Hirschi

Alaina Hirschi is afraid of changing lanes on the highway and confrontation (so relatable). She decided to be a standup comedian when she graduated from BYU unmarried and needed a last-minute “Plan B” for her life. Alaina is originally from the Seattle area and is a writer and life-long lover of jokes. A local up-and-comer, she loves entertaining Salt Lake with her dry and slightly absurd observational style.

Travis Tate

Utah-native Travis Tate has a bone to pick. Specifically with: compression shirts, little league and wedding gifts.

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